Want to get in touch? That would be nice!

Email me or send a WhatsApp message via +31641795219. You can also join me on a bicycle!

Want to offer your help?

I would be very pleased if anybody could help me with the following. Feel free to spread the word. That will be much appreciated!

  • Finding a place to stay in Barcelona. I will go for anything to begin with (ok, no cockroaches and +5 housemates please). Ideal scenario: sharing a flat with 1 – 2 people in Gràcia.
  • Finding a job in Barcelona. Here’s my CV. Background information can be found via LinkedIn.
  • Giving recommendations of nice people/places to stay. Here you can find my planned route and this is my couchsurfing account. On this blog I will give updates about my current location.
  • Giving recommendations of a good language school. It should offer classes in the evening, as I’m planning to work during the day.

Many thanks!