“Life is like riding a bicycle”

“In order to keep your balance, you must keep riding.”

According to Albert Einstein. 

So that’s what I’m gonna do. For the next four weeks. Cycling through Holland, Belgium and France. Barcelona, Spain will be my final destination.

Why go there by plane if I can also travel there by using my own two legs and a badass bike? So with this idea in mind, I started to plan my trip. Browsing the internet for days. Arranging a bike. Getting all my stuff together. Deciding which route to follow. Convincing others (and mostly myself) this isn’t a crazy idea. Making sure my knees don’t fall apart even before my journey starts. All in the past four weeks.

I’ve been fully focused on my – so far favorite – ‘Fred-Project’* and I loved it. Yet, I couldn’t have made it this far without the help of others. Forgive me for the short list of VIP’s. Lucia for the supercool bike. Piet for the ultra lightweight tent. My dear family for all the patience and love ( and the roof above my head). My lovely friends for the “It’s gonna be fine, you can do this!” support and all the stuff I’m allowed to borrow. Thank you all!

Ok back to reality. And now? Now I’m ready to rumble cycle! My first -on the road- update will follow soon.


What you can expect from this blog? Here you can follow my adventures. I won’t be posting long stories.** It will mostly be pictures and short updates about joy, nature, what I eat and how my bum is doing. Fun facts might be included as well.

From time to time I will include some personal branding, as I am also looking for a job and a place to stay. More about that later on.

Ride along & enjoy

If you feel like it please stay up to date by checking my blog once in a while. Questions and feedback are very much appreciated as well. Let’s enjoy the ride!


* Fred-Project

A self development project focused on the (nearby) future. Could be anything. Should be fun, challenging, achievable and inspiring. Designed by my lovely friend Pien.

**Some entries will be in Dutch. Please forgive me in advance for choosing comfort over style after a long day’s cycling. Google Translate should provide the answers.

The first ‘kiekjes’

On a previous trip to Paris in 2014. Pretending to be such a tough girl.
Picking up my new best friend. I will leave the backpack behind, no worries!

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  1. JÖRG says:

    The first blog is really cool and it makes me belonging to the new updates. A long journey starts with the first step. A bike trip with the first pedal push. Good luck and keep in mind that after rain the sun will shine again.

  2. Raoul says:

    Hi Fred, What a cool idea! Looking forward to the stories from your journey. Best of luck, and save travels! Cheers, Raoul

    1. Frederieke says: Author

      Thanks Raoul. A new story is up. Yet I still need to work on my photography skills. You’ve got some tips & tricks? 😉

  3. Sophie says:

    Fred, wat een profi-site! Heel tof om te lezen 🙂 Heel veel succes, maar vooral heel erg veel plezier in de komende 4 weken naar de stad van je dromen! Het gaat niet altijd makkelijk zijn, maar you can do it! We keep in touch. Xx

  4. Baerbel says:

    Have a wonderful experience! I’m proud of you and am convinced you will master and grow with each challenge that comes your way.

    1. Frederieke says: Author

      Thanks Bärbel! Much appreciated:) See you soon in Holland again? Sounds like you’ve got some nice changes coming up as well!

  5. Wilma&Ad says:

    Hoi Frederieke
    Hoe gaat met je?
    Wij vonden het heel fijn dat je woensdag bij ons was. Zijn heel benieuwd waar je nu bent en of het allemaal goed is gegaan.
    Groeten Wilma&Ad

    1. Frederieke says: Author

      Ha Wilma & Ad,
      Leuk om van jullie te horen. Nogmaals hartelijk dank voor het overnachten woensdag. Ik heb inmiddels een nieuwe update geschreven, daar kun je lezen over mijn eerste dagen.
      Groetjes en een fijne avond,

  6. Charlot says:

    Aaah zo leuk dat ik dit tegenkwam op LinkedIn!
    Heb regelmatig aan je gedacht, wat fijn om je zo een beetje te kunnen volgen.
    Heel veel geluk! x Charlot

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