Who’s Fred?

This is me Frederieke (aka Fred). On a bike in 1999. Fast forward to 2017 and I’m on a bike again. Ready for a new adventure. I’m going to live in Barcelona. And why not travel there using my own two legs and a bike?

I’ll go for a less serious (and topless) look during this new trip 🙂

The plan is to cycle from Nijmegen (NL) to Barcelona (ESP). In four weeks. I will camp along the way. Seeking adventure and getting ready to find a job and a place to stay.

“Don’t you have a blog where I can follow you?”

Throughout my travels so far, I’ve been asked the same question over and over again. I’ve replied to this question with at least 100 different answers. But I guess at this point I ran out of excuses. If biking 1900KM isn’t a good moment, I never will.*

Here you can follow my adventures. Don’t expect long stories.** It will mostly be pictures and short updates about joy, nature, what I eat and how my bum is doing. Fun facts might be included as well.

Comments and questions are more then welcome. Please also send me some motivational words from time to time – I will need them!

Constructive feedback is also allowed.

* Still without Instagram and minimal Facebook activity either. Step by step ? 

**Some entries will be in Dutch. Please forgive me in advance for choosing comfort over style after a long day’s cycling. Google Translate should provide the answers.

Why biking?

As Roger (ESP) likes to say: “Of course you like cycling, you’re Dutch. Everybody likes to ride their bikes in Holland.” And he’s definitely right about me.

I like to do sports and I like to be outside. I also love to travel in a slow pace. Embracing the unknown and seeking adventure gives me energy. So why not?

It will be a challenge to stay within the boundaries of what my body can do. Go with the flow will be my mantra. Letting go of goals and not pushing my body further than it can handle. Family and friends will already know that pushing my own limits is not necessary something I need to learn. Yet, I will still push some limits. As I speak about 0% French and I only went on two practice cycle rides. So no worries, it will be tough and my limits will be pushed… But I believe it will be mostly fun and exciting!

You can check out my planned route over here.

Why Barcelona?

When living in Barcelona (2012-2013) I totally fell in love. All for the well-known reasons: the atmosphere, language, food, sun, mountains, sea and people. And most importantly: I felt instantly at home. I am happy over there. So I finally return to the place where I want to be.

Want to help me out? Check this page for more info.

Enough said. It’s time to hop on my bike. Enjoy the ride and let’s keep in touch!

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  1. Henn says:

    Als ik door de keertjes van mijn ogen kijk zie ik……..jou ! Een stoer meisje al sinds ik achter je fietste door het heuvelachtige zuid Duitsland ! Trots …….heel trots op je!

  2. Lin says:

    WoW Fredje! Stoertje! Dappere dodo! Knapperd! Wat een avonturen staan er op se planning!!! Wanneer vertrek je? Super dat we je nu echt kunnen volgen 😉 ik wens je alle geluk toe en keep us updated!

    1. Frederieke says: Author

      Leuk van je te horen Lin! Ik ben woensdag begonnen. Nu in Nancy (FR), net een update geschreven over de afgelopen dagen. Liefs!

    1. Frederieke says: Author

      🙂 Hoorde van Pien dat jij dit weekend ook in België zat? Hoop dat je het leuk hebt gehad. Keep in touch!

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